Roo Healthcare Solutions develops innovative solutions and advanced technologies that improve patient comfort and satisfaction, promote vascular access device cleanliness, and contribute to greater operational efficiency and cost-savings for healthcare providers and organizations.

For instance, the Roo Defender™, is an ideal example of the simple, innovative solutions customers can expect us to deliver. The patented Roo Defender™ dialysis catheter cover is a perfect replacement for gauze and tape. It is a comfortable, easy-to-use, antimicrobially-protected disposable pouch that easily slides over the external catheter components after each dialysis treatment to guard against environmental contamination, while also providing a comfortable barrier between the catheter and a patient’s skin. The American-made Roo Defender™ is treated with silver and copper ions for a proven, safe, and effective antimicrobial solution.

In addition, we utilize BPA-free, post-consumer recycled drinking bottles in the fabric construction of our Roo Defender™ to support our goal to offer customers environmentally responsible products.

  • Comfort: Constructed of a soft, breathable material, the Roo Defender™ vascular access covering pouch slides on quickly and easily with a secure fit for comfortable catheter protection that reduces skin irritation and improves overall patient experience vs. gauze and tape.

  • Cleanliness: The Defender™ features a Velcro® closure that, unlike gauze and tape, does not stick to the skin or device, eliminating adhesive residue and other environmental contaminant build-up. The Roo Defender™ also features natural silver and copper ions for a proven, safe, and effective antimicrobial solution.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Designed for ease of use, our products save valuable nursing time and promote more efficient organizational care practices and policies. In a recent clinical study, the Roo Defender™ cut dialysis initiation time by one full minute while enhancing comfort, cleanliness, and safety.